About Us

Mystique Universal was established in 2006 and manages various international luxury brands. The company is a management company at its core, and operates in Starhill Gallery; Malaysia's most exclusively luxurious shopping destination. Since its establishment, the company's focus has been to introduce some of the most exclusive, international luxury brands to the Malaysian market, specializing in high-end jewellery and watch brands.

Entering a market such as Malaysia and making an impact can often be a daunting task for foreign brands looking to expand and diversify their brand awareness. Mystique Universal presents the perfect solution, possessing both a deep understanding of the local market and an invaluable database of elite clientele. The company also offers a high standard of personalized service; and makes excellent customer service one of its top priorities.

Mystique Universal currently manages 2 international luxury brands. The products offered are exclusive, unique and target a high-end, discerning clientele. Our prestigious jewellery brands include: Gubelin (Switzerland) and Garrard (London). The Gubelin and Garrard boutiques have the honour and prestige of being the first flagship stores outside of their respective home countries.