Since 1854 this Swiss, family-owned company has been designing and creating some of the world's most exquisite jewelry. Gubelin serves an exclusive clientele who share its passion for gems, timeless perfection and outstanding craftsmanship. Gubelin also operates one of the world's most renowned gemological laboratories, providing expert opinions and peace of mind to gemstone dealers, auction houses, collectors and jewelers from all over the world. All of the more important colored gemstone jewelry from Gubelin comes with a Gubelin Gem Lab report, and diamonds even come with a double certification (GIA and Gubelin Gem Lab).

The Gubelin family tradition of excellence stems from a passion for lasting perfection. Using their renowned gemstone expertise and inspired by a deep fascination with the art of making jewelry, Gubelin aims to set the highest standards - both on your behalf, as a lover of jewelry and for the community of gemologists around the world. For Gubelin, exquisite and rare gems combined with precision craftsmanship are an expression of the Swiss respect for lasting values, values which also reflect Gubelin's innermost convictions.

You will find Gubelin's stylish boutiques in many of the best-known cities in Switzerland and around the world. The elegant ambience of its tastefully appointed rooms creates an ideal atmosphere for inspecting valuable gemstones, beautiful jewelry collections and the highly sought-after timepieces of its watchmaking partners. Discover these treasures and spoil yourself with the enchantments of the jeweler's art.

For more information, please visit www.gubelin.com

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